Vfx Freelance Marketplace

What is Dreammotion?

Dreammotion is a Powerful Freelance Marketplace System.

It has the ability to change the users (Freelancers & Clients).

Start your Freelance Marketplace Business with no hustle.

How does freelancer generate revenue?

Dreammotion commission are 18% of payments paid to Freelancers.

How does Dreammotion Pay Freelancers?

Dreammotion  will pay the freelancers to their PayPal Emails.

The date to pay the freelancers is 6 days after they request.

How does Dreammotion handle Disputes?

When a project is under dispute, the Admin will be notified.

Then the Admin, Client and the Freelancer will start a dispute conversation in order to determine party at fault.

If the Party at fault is the Client, then the money will be awarded to the Freelancer.

If the Party at fault is the Freelancer, then the money will be returned to the Client.