EmberGen: A Real-Time Fluid Simulation Tool for VFX Artists (ALPHA RELEASED!)

It’s been 2 years since we launched our first tool, VectorayGen 81, and now it tackling a much bigger issue that has plagued your workflow since the dawn of VFX… Fluid Simulations!

jangafx excited to showcase the latest progress on EmberGen 152 – A standalone real-time fluid simulation tool built specifically for real-time VFX Artists. Yes indeed, it’s the first fluid simulation tool built specifically for people like us! Please note everything is still a work in progress.

No more waiting for 12 hours for a render to finish, and no more being sad that it didn’t look good, because you have to redo everything.

1st MVP Release Features Will Include:

  • Real-time 3D volumetric simulations.
  • Real-time WYSIWYG viewport, complete with volumetric lighting & shadows
  • Ability to color fluids via custom gradients.
  • Intuitive node graph editor and parameter timeline.
  • Fluid caching system to allow you to scrub through simulations.
  • Instant game ready flipbook generation.
  • All the data you need: Motion vectors, normal maps, temperature maps, and more.
  • Vector field velocity injection to make fluids bend to your will. (Yay! VectorayGen is still relevant <3)
  • In-software flipbook preview system.
  • A plethora of presets to learn from.
  • Ability to run on a GTX 1050 and above.
  • Voxel resolutions up to 512x512x512 – Runs fast on a GTX 2080 Ti, chugs (10-15fps) on a GTX 1080.
  • Target resolution of 256x256x256.










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