UE4 Real-time Hair Advances

One of the most complex problems in real-time games, virtual production, and in particular digital humans, is simulating hair that moves and looks realistic. In December, Epic released v4.24 of UE4, and for artists working to create more believable characters, creatures, and digital humans, it offered the first look at Epic’s new strand-based hair and […]

V-Ray Next for Revit released

V-Ray Next for Revit released Chaos Group has announced the release of V-Ray Next for Revit bringing the intelligent features of V-Ray Next to Revit plus a new Asset Editor (as seen in V-Ray for Rhino and Sketchup),a  new streamlined materials workflow, new workflows for entourage including randomisation and instancing features for foliage, a Lighting Analysis […]

Reallusion ships Headshot 1.0

  Reallusion has released Headshot 1.0, a new plugin for Character Creator, its 3D character creation tool, designed to generate 3D heads from single source photos, complete with PBR textures The plugin shipped alongside Character Creator 3.2, the latest update to the software. An AI-driven tool for generating 3D head models from single source images […]

EmberGen: A Real-Time Fluid Simulation Tool for VFX Artists (ALPHA RELEASED!)

[the_ad id=”288″] JangaFXSketch Silver It’s been 2 years since we launched our first tool, VectorayGen 81, and now it tackling a much bigger issue that has plagued your workflow since the dawn of VFX… Fluid Simulations! jangafx excited to showcase the latest progress on EmberGen 152 – A standalone real-time fluid simulation tool built specifically […]

New Adobe CC Release Features Cinema 4D Lite R21

New Adobe CC Release Features Cinema 4D Lite R21 Software available immediately for download to Adobe Creative Cloud® members. Maxon is pleased to announce the latest release of Adobe After Effects CC includes an updated version of Maxon’s Cinema 4D Lite. Based on our award-winning Cinema 4D R21, the software is available immediately for download […]

Corona 5 released

  CoronaRenderer 37.2K subscribers   A quick overview of some of the new features in Corona Renderer 5 for 3ds Max. Read more and download now! https://corona-renderer.com/blog/coro… The video shows: – 2.5D Displacement, memory and render time savings – Overall memory and render time savings (with no changes to the scene) – Improved parsing time […]

Controlling robots with Maya

Controlling robots with Maya Oct 16, 2019 Befores and Afters has published an article on how industrial robots can be controlled directly from within Maya using a plugin called Mimic. This can be useful for controlling complex camera rigs that need to precisely repeat movements for VFX that use miniatures and physical models. Read the article […]

Maya 2019.1 Update Release Notes

Maya 2019.1 Update Release Notes Access the Maya or Maya LT 2019.1 Update from your Autodesk Account. This page lists what’s fixed in this update, and any known issues. For information on new features, see the What’s New topic. What’s Fixed Animation Incorrect initialization of complex attribute structure causes crash on file open MAYA-96827 Invisibility […]

The Wandering Earth 2019 VFX Breakdown VFX

PIXOMONDO completed 216 shots, including over 50 full CG shots. The work ranges from full CG environments to heavy effects simulations with collapsing ice and collapsing frozen buildings. 185 assets were produced by PXO, including the whole of the Shanghai City environment, the frozen Canyon, the Ice Wall, hero vehicles, the Rescue Bubble, Cargo plane, […]

Software that’s used in vfx industry

  001> Krakatoa v2.1.7.50419 for Maya 2011 – 2013 002> Thinkinetic Pulldownit Pro v2.3 For Maya 2013 003> Indigo Renderer v3.6.7 – Win64 004> keyshot 4 is coming 005> FormZ 30 day Trial 006> V-Ray 2.40.01 for 3ds Max released 007> Vue 11 xStream – The Integrated Solution 008> SprayTray 1.5 009> Octane Render Ver.1.1 […]