Running a Website wıth WordPress is all good until you come across wıth an error.

There will be times when you will encounter various errors on your website, some big some small.

All you have to do is be patient and do research.

If you get the problem then there are chances that someone else might have the same same problem as you and they mayby have found the solution which they have shared with other fellow website developers.


Sometimes when we log onto our WordPress to make some changes to the site or for any reason, we see this error on screen.


The File /home/username/public_html/wp-content/advanced-cache.php already exists. Please manually delete it before using this plugin. If you continue to see this message after deleting it please contact your hosting support.”


This error needs to be resolved in order to make any changes to your site or to even access certain sections of your WordPress.

Note that there are other types of errors that are associated with advanced cache php but the solution mentioned in this post is for the error as stated above.


Advanced Cache Php error in WordPress

The solution is concerned it is written in the warning itself. It is discussed in detail later with pictures. Once you delete the advance cached php file from your root folder this error will go away after you refresh the page.

That was easy 🙂 right?

Now you continued with the website and come back to your dashboard again and you see the same error / warning again.


This means the solution in the warning is temporary and every time you have to make any changes to your website you will have to delete the advanced cache php file.

Thats not good!

Now what ? You >



to find the solution you follow the second part of the warning and contact your Web Hosting Support. You tell them about the advanced cache php problem and ask for the solution.

And of of the Web Hosting will tell you that it is a plugin issue and you should delete that plugin or make changes to that plugin.

And you ask which plugin is that and they will tell you the plugin is related to cache and you will have to change its settings as it is interfering with the WordPress settings.


Now you are back to option one!

When you have exhausted both the options mentioned in the warning but the problem still remains you first need to understand why the advanced cache php problem is arising and then apply the solution.


This error arises when you have installed two or more plugins to speed up your website. For example I had these two plugins installed and activated at the same time.

“WP Super Cache”

“WP-Optimize – Clean,Compress, Cache”

So two Cache Plugin to optimize speed of the website

Both these plugins were interfering with each other and hence I was getting the above mentioned advanced cache php error. Apparently both the plugins want access to this file.


The advanced-cache.php file is used by caching plugins to signal that a cache is active. If more than one caching plugin is used then the file will be detected as active by the second plugin and that will not cache the website and hence will not work properly and then you will get this error.


In order to remove this error you need to follow the following procedure:




First step:

you need to delete the file to make any changes to your plugins.

To Delete the advanced cache php file you need to open File Manager on your Hosting’s Cpanel.

On the File Manager on Cpanel of Web Hosting

select the Public_html folder located on the left side of your screen


After opening the wp-content folder you will see on the right side of your screen all the files and folders inside the wp-content.

There you will find the advanced-cache.php file.

Select advanced-cache.php file and delete it!

a popup screen appears :

select skip the trash and permantly delete files!

And after press confirm to delete the file.



Once you have deleted the advanced cache php file you can then be able to make changes to your plugins and their settings.

Out of the two plugins that you have for caching, decide which one you want to keep caching and for the other you can either deactivate the plugin or change its settings so that it doesn’t do caching.

Save the settings and check back after making some changes to your website and hopefully the error will not come back and the advanced cache php error is gone for good.


Because of the way it handles caching, the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress does not need an advanced-cache.php file.
For this reason, there is no real logic in this file. So why include it at all?
Setting the WP_CACHE global variable requires that an advanced-cache.php file exists.
This variable can help to increase compatibility as other plugins can check it to determine whether or not a cache is currently being used.
It can also help to avoid conflicts with other full page caches such as W3 Total Cache, etc.


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Author: VfxDream