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Clarisse 3.0 Launch at Siggraph 2016

Introducing Clarisse 3.0 and its brand new PBR Engine!

We’re very happy and proud to announce today the immediate release of Clarisse 3.0 and its updated PLE!

With more than 800 tweaks, major enhancements and tons of killer new features, 3.0 is definitely the most significant update of Clarisse ever released. It’s simple, every area of Clarisse 3.0 workflow has been improved to bring you the best all-in-one rendering experience ever to date!

Indeed, Clarisse 3.0 intuitive and powerful toolset delivers one of the most advanced and innovative workflow designed to meet your everyday needs while working on environment, look development or lighting, whereas its new rendering engine becomes faster, more scalable and even more efficient at handling scenes with tons of polygons!

What’s new in Clarisse 3.0?

This new major release delivers many new and innovative features as well as a large number of enhancements throughout the entire application. New features and updates have been designed to bring a better user experience, improved workflow and productivity whether you’re working as a solo artist or as part of a bigger team.

Highlights of Clarisse 3.0 include:

  • A brand new Physically Based Rendering (PBR) embodied in a new rendering engine, new sets of materials, lights and volume shaders all supporting multiple importance sampling (MIS)
  • A complete set of UV baking tools supporting UDIM/UVTiles and AOVs output
  • New scattering and layout tools along with importance-driven textured point cloud generation
  • New scriptable pattern generation using Open Shading Language (OSL)
  • Improved Color Management and support for CDL and many user interface improvements

Find out all about Clarisse 3.0 new features and advancements here.

Pricing and availability

Clarisse 3.0 is immediately available to order starting from $999, through Isotropix website and its authorized resellers. Pricing* includes now 1st year maintenance and gives you access to premium support, bug fixes, priority upon feature requests and access to all upcoming major features and functions. Existing customers, with an active maintenance, are eligible for free 3.0 upgrade.

For further details on pricing please refer to Isotropix online store.

* This offer is limited to one purchase per customer.


Join us at Siggraph 2016 and discover Clarisse 3.0

We’re thrilled to announce our presence at Siggraph 2016!

Come by booth #367 to meet up with the Isotropix Team and enjoy presentations covering Clarisse 3.0 latest developments!

Drop by and catch on with the tons of new features offered by our freshly release of Clarisse!

In addition to all the great presentations hosted on our booth, the Isotropix Team will provide tech demonstrations of Clarisse 3.0 throughout the entire exhibition. Feel free to drop by to experience in live Clarisse powerful new features!

The Isotropix booth theatre schedule is available here!

Special guest speakers @Isotropix’s booth

Throughout the exhibition, exceptional guest speakers will join us to present how they have been using Clarisse in some of their most recent projects! We’re are really thrilled to announce the presence of the following leading industry professionals at our booth!

T.Lo, CG Supervisor @Base-FX

Dan Pearson, FX TD Supervisor @Industrial Light & Magic

Howard Campbell-Miller, Senior Lighter & Pipeline Developer  @Tippett Studio

Mark Pascoe, Head of 3D @DnegTV

Jason Starne, Senior Applications Specialist @Cinesys-Oceana

Schedule a meeting or a private demo

If you would like to arrange a meeting with the Isotropix Sales Team and discuss how Clarisse can greatly help you boost your productivity and streamline your pipeline, feel free to drop an email @: sales [at]isotropix.com

Clarisse User Group

Join us on Tuesday 26 for the very first Clarisse User Group, from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm in room 304 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Drop by and get to know how world leading VFX studios have leveraged the power of Clarisse Technology in some of their most recent projects, hear them discuss about their technical user of Clarisse and finally learn plenty of great tips & tricks from the pros!

Guest Speakers from Industrial Light & Magic, Double Negative, DisneyToon Studios, Tippett Studio and Base FX are expected!Space is limited so be sure to be there early!

Learn More

We’d love to see you – whether at our User Group or at our booth! So please, drop by to say hi!

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