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Terragen 4 Open Beta +


Terragen 4 is now available in an open Beta! Plus, check out the list of VR Challenge winners selected from nearly 100 entries.
Image created with Terragen environment modeling software.

Terragen 4 Open Beta +
VR Challenge Winners

Ready to check out the advances in Terragen 4 for yourself? Today’s your lucky day! Find out how to get it below.

Terragen 4 Open Beta

Check out the new realtime preview, advanced cloud shading + more

Today we’re extremely excited to be able to offer a free open beta of Terragen 4. There are some big changes in Terragen 4, including the all-new realtime ray-traced preview, amazingly realistic cloud shading model, lens effects, improved render times, and much more. If you’ve been following our Terragen4.com updates, you’ve heard all about it. Now you can try it out for yourself!

The beta version is completely free and unrestricted, with all Terragen 4 features available for you to test during the period of the beta. The beta will expire and will no longer run once Terragen 4.0 is released as a final version in the near future. In the meantime download and enjoy all that Terragen 4 has to offer!

Download the Terragen 4 Beta

Upgrade to TG4 Early and Save

Lock-in the best price by ordering today

Once you check out the Beta, if you’re a Terragen 3 owner you can get special upgrade pricing by purchasing before the end of the Beta period. You can find our product maintenance options in the Planetside Software Online Store. You’ll need to be logged-in to your account in our online store to see the upgrade options. Then just look for the specially-marked Upgrade products and add the Maintenance Add-on on the product page before you check out. Prices go up soon!

Here is the upgrade for Terragen 3 Creative + Animation and this is the upgrade for Terragen 3 Pro + Animation (note that you may only qualify for and be able to view one of them, depending on your prior purchases). Contact us at support@planetside.co.uk if you have any questions or problems accessing your account.

Terragen VR Challenge Winners

The cream of the crop from 96 entries!

We had a fantastic response to our VR Challenge back in March and we’ve been wading through the entries over the last few months to come up with the very best. We’ve taken a close look at many of the scene files to make sure they work well in 360 degree VR environments, testing the results in an HTC Vive headset. It’s incredible to see a Terragen scene all around you, to feel as if you’re really standing there, and get a real sense of scale.

With so many entries, many of them with multiple points of view, picking the winners has been a challenging process. But we finally have our ranked list and we’re pleased to share them with you today. We’re looking forward even more to showing you the results in VR once we’ve been able to render them all at high quality. Keep an eye out for that announcement soon!

In the meantime check out the list of winning entries, and congratulations to our winners, plus a huge Thank You to all who participated!

VR Challenge Winners List

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And, if you’re not already a member of our fantastic community forum, we highly recommend checking it out. You’ll find an incredibly friendly bunch of Terragen users from novice to expert – including a number of VFX industry professionals – all sharing their knowledge and experience, compliments and constructive critiques, and useful resources + free downloads. Joining the community is the fastest way to improve your Terragen work and of course it’s totally free.


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