Ikinema WebAnimate Pro Free 14 Day Demo

Ikinema WebAnimate Pro Free 14 Day Demo
IKinema WebAnimate Pro.

A Re-targeting and mocap cleaning tool for individuals and indie studios

IKinema WebAnimate Pro is an off-line tool that can be used for animation tasks such as: re targeting of .FBX and .BVH data to avatars, porting animation from one avatar to another, automatically cleaning noisy mocap data, modification and customization of motion capture data to fit new avatars, joining one or more animation clips to create new assets, key-frame and animation of human and fantasy creatures, transfer of 3D animation to 2D avatars; pre visualization of BVH and FBX data. All this and much, much more is possible with WebAnimate Pro. Now on the Desktop with no subscriptions.

You can download a free 14 day demo here, Ikinemademo

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