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Terragen 4.1 is now available

Terragen 4.1 is now available

Terragen 4.1 is now available with major optimizations and new features. Plus find us at SIGGRAPH 2017 in LA, Planetside Software will have our own booth. Read on for more…

Image created with Terragen environment modeling software.

Terragen 4.1 Update + SIGGRAPH 2017It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us and we’ve been hard at work on an awesome Terragen update for all of you. The 4.1 release is packed with performance optimizations, new features, and important bug fixes. And best of all it’s free to everyone! All the details below.Plus, we’re back at SIGGRAPH again this year, and this time we’ve got a booth! We’re so excited to be able to share Terragen in-person with everyone visiting the exhibit hall. Read on to find out how you can get a free exhibits-only pass courtesy of Planetside Software!

Terragen 4.1 Brings Optimizations + New Features

Faster cloud rendering, Easy Cloud masking, smoothing shader & more

We have enjoyed a tremendous reception for Terragen 4 and now we’re pleased to bring you the first major update, the 4.1 release. Terragen 4.1 includes extensive optimizations to cloud and atmosphere rendering, resulting in significantly faster and cleaner renders in many cases, especially where multiple cloud layers are involved. Easy Cloud layers also now include a Mask input for better control of cloud shape and occurrence.

Threading optimizations have brought speed improvements to the 3D Preview and Ray-Traced Preview (RTP). We have also optimized the Voronoi function in several shaders, including Power Fractal, Fake Stones, and Alpine Fractal nodes, resulting in speed improvements up to 2.2x.

Additionally, a “Smoothing Filter” shader has been added which smooths away detail at  the specified scale for compatible upstream shaders in your network such as Power Fractals. This can be useful in many situations, including the creation of patchy snow and sand effects.

Meanwhile we’ve improved GI, added a 32 bit EXR output option, made improvements to the Merge Shader, and added options for separately controlling lighting of atmosphere and surfaces in Light Sources (including Spotlights). There are numerous other bug fixes, minor changes, and improvements as well. Check out the full Change Log for details.

The 4.1 update is free to all users, regardless of Maintenance status. To download the 4.1 release just use the Check for Updates function in the Terragen About/Application menu, or login to your account on our website and go to downloads, or simply download the Free version (your license key will unlock it).

See the Full v4.1 Change Log

Planetside Software at SIGGRAPH 2017

Get a free exhibits pass and come say hello!

Next week is SIGGRAPH 2017, and we’re going to be there. This year we also have a booth in the exhibit hall!

Get yourself to Los Angeles between the 1st and 3rd of August, and come and see us! We are sharing booth number 200 with Pixel Plow (our fantastic render farm partner).

Get a FREE Exhibits-Only Pass by registering with this guest code: TERRAPIX.

Matt and Oshyan will both be there, along with Ty (digitalis99 in our user forums) from Pixel Plow. Come over for a chat, or just come to see our freshly edited video reel showing how Terragen is being used in film (over 40 films and counting!). We’ll also have a workstation loaded up with some goodies, so you might be able to interact with some unreleased features that we’re working on.

SIGGRAPH is more than just the exhibition, though. Matt and Oshyan will be there from Sunday July 30th to nerd out at panels, papers and parties, in between setting up the booth. So let us know if you’re in town!

Conference: 30 July – 3 August
Exhibition: 1-3 August
Booth #200
Los Angeles Convention Center


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