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Ftrack Review and Ftrack Studio announced

Ftrack Review and Ftrack Studio announced

Sweden-based Ftrack AB has announced that Ftrack, its production tracking and asset management tool, will be renamed Ftrack Studio and a new streamlined version focused on review and approvals will be released. FTrack Review is an entry level edition of FTrack Studio, offering users a platform to collaborate on projects with annotations and notes. You can read more about Ftrack Review on Ftrack’s website.


In addition to the name change, Ftrack Studio includes several new features, including:

  • A new holistic view of the studio, across different projects and departments.
  • The ability to track availability of teams over different disciplines and gain insights in forecast capacity for when there could be a shortage or under use of talent.
  • To-do notes that allow users to add feedback notes to a project, folder, asset or task that require action in order to be marked as complete. Users are able to filter to-do notes and receive notifications when new to-do notes have been added.
  • An enhanced user experience with revamped beta integrations for Autodesk Maya and Foundry Nuke.
  • Updated CineSync integration adding local file support and a revamped process for saving CineSync annotations and notes to the correct asset version in Ftrack.

Ftrack Studio costs $25 a month per user and Ftrack Review is $15 a month per user.  Both tools will be shown publicly at this year’s SIGGRAPH.


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